Seeking Beauty & Sustenance

Burnt Impulses

Winged Shadows


River of Silent Memory

I Heard a Wildflower Singing

Kathy OjaAbout Kathy

I have been involved in a range of creative endeavors as far back as I can remember. Like most people, I am a dichotomy, thus my affinity for extemporaneous expression on the one hand and my affection for the well thought out on the other. The handmade and colorful expressions of ethnic arts found in my travels provide limitless inspiration. I see my paintings as stories that speak to life in all its beauty and complexity. Thus, each unique painting depicts neither the ideal nor a straightforward narrative. To fully appreciate my work, you need to understand my philosophy and my process — a constant interplay of the thoughtful execution of my mind’s images  and then letting my mind go wherever my hand leads. As to why I paint, consider the answer I paint below. Then, step forward and enjoy!

She Paints...

Because it’s fun Because it is time Because she can choose Because she has no choice Because it changes her Because she cannot change

She Paints...

To share the joy To ask the question To answer the question To honor herself To honor her forebears To make them proud

She paints...

To share the gift To travel beyond To travel within To leave herself To find herself To learn who she is To discover who she might become

She Paints...

Because it is hard To reach that place To enter the calm Because it flows Because the colors call to her To seek the answer To the unspoken need To the unasked question To be herself

She Paints...

Because she doesn’t know the words Because she can’t sing Because she gave up too soon Because she couldn’t give up Because she can Because she must

She Paints...

To live her life To share her vision To meet the challenge To remember To forget

She Paints...

To find her truth To reach the source To release the spirit To come of age To age with grace

She Paints...

To fill the need To pass though the door To find the light To stop the mind chatter To focus the mind To go further

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